He Charged The Battery With His Hands!

Tony PaysonI had a clock that was sitting in a box for several years because the battery was dead and I mean really dead! Every hour the traffic lights on the clock would light up and a sound would blast that sounded like the car revving up. It was quite a bit for any AA battery to hold up to.

Aaron took the battery that couldn’t even get the second hand to tick and put it between his hands. He went into a deep concentration for about 10 minutes and put the battery back in the clock and it started ticking right away!

He said he recharged it with QI.

I turned the minute hand until it was exactly on the hour and the lights lit up and the car engine started revving up! I couldn’t believe it! I was in the process of packing up to move over to the Seattle area to manage a store. Two years later, the battery was STILL in perfect shape and the clock kept time to the minute and that is AFTER it was already dead for a couple years!

Another time, Aaron, myself and some other friends were waiting around for another friend to show up. Just off the cuff, Aaron said, “James will knock on the door in x minutes and x seconds.” I don’t remember the exact minutes and seconds but it was within a 5 minute time period. We were counting down and on the EXACT minute and second that Aaron predicted, our friend James knocked on the door!

Aaron had done these spontaneous demonstrations off and on over the years that I’ve known him and I’ve known him for about 15 years.

Tony Payson, Washington state
Regional Retail Manager



Aaron, You are blowing my mind. …Thank you so much for sowing light.

Ferlinda P.


The Future Reveals Itself to Aaron

Aaron and I went to high school on an Air Force base over in Japan. After high school, he was living in Ohio and I went to stay with him soon after that to go to college where he was going. After a year, I went back to Japan.

He was always interested in supernatural stuff so I wasn’t too surprised when I got a phone call from him while I was back over there.

Aaron told me about some dream about two Russian Migs that collided in mid-air. Both pilots ejected and the pilots parachuted safely to the ground.

He was very concerned because he said he knew it represented something real but didn’t know where or when. After a couple days, he started thinking that it represented something else because he called me back.

We were all car racing freaks and when he calle dme back, he asked if anyone got in a head on collision in a car but made it out safely – the dream symbolically representing this. This is what he thought it might mean.

Actually, YES, a friend ours had a younger brother that crashed head on into another car on the back flightline going around the base and both drivers were OK.

Aaron was so relieved that nobody was hurt and was convinced this was what the dream must have meant.

Several days later on 24 July 1993 in the UK, the news reported that two Russian Mig 29’s crashed into each other in mid-air at an airshow at Fairford, England. The pilots ejected and parachuted safely to the ground.


There’s more…

Soon after, maybe days or weeks, Aaron called me again. This time explaining another airplane crash dream. He was kind of shook up from the last one and wanted to see if this had some connection to a real event that happened here again.

In this dream, Aaron said he was standing at the edge of a lake and there were trees around the far side. A commercial airliner was coming over the trees straight towards him.

It got lower to the water, a wing tipped down and hit the water, the plane then crashed in the water and he said he felt everyone was killed.

I told him that nothing like that happened with anyone we know in a car or otherwise.

A couple days later, he called me because another news report came out on the TV about a plane crash in China.

There was no video showing like the Mig crash that Aaron said it was like they video taped his mind – but the story talked about an airliner that took off from a runway in China. As it went over the lake, it had engine failure in one of the wings, the wing tipped down and hit the water and the plane crashed killing everyone on board.

There was another dream he had right after this that pointed to something that happened again. It wasn’t about air plane crashes so he was more relieved. I don’t recall all the details but it had to do with a dinosaur egg in a river or something and a few days later, dinosaur eggs in a riverbed were unearthed somewhere in China by the masses.

Carlos R.
Yokota Air Force Base



This is so amazing watching history unfold, so to speak. The energy I feel just reading about this is wonderful.

Patti Vancil



Pamela SwedaSince I met Aaron in early 2007, my life has become a series of delightful synchronicities and applying the wisdom he has gifted me with has enhanced my life in more ways than I can describe. After being introduced to his Synchronicity Diagram and the explanation of how it works, I began to consciously apply the concepts and was immediately blown away. I make my living as an artist and at the time, my conscious desire was to attract clients to commission me for a portrait. On two different occasions, I brought an “example” portrait to my dealer to put on display.

On both of these synchronistic occasions, a potential client, looking for an artist to paint a portrait of their children, was PRESENT when I entered the gallery with my example portrait and when looking to the example, commissioned me to create the portraits at a price which was perfect.

Needless to say, these events alone caused me to seek even more of Aaron’s wisdom, so I was motivated to practice one very simple exercise that Aaron shares in A Course in Mind Power in order to enhance my intuition. This practice has deeply enhanced my ability gain great insight, not only with my artistic creativity, but also in “knowing” exactly the right decisions to make in a plethora of different situations. One of my most recent “favorites” has been practicing this simple exercise with the intention of finding new direction in my art. It astonished me as to how quickly the perfect inspiration popped into my mind and am now joyfully creating a whole new collection of paintings that my clients are responding to with great enthusiasm!

These examples are just a few of the many positive results I have experienced by consciously applying the wellspring of brilliant information I have learned from Aaron. I am so very pleased to see that he has now compiled his wisdom in his new book, A Course In Mind Power. This book offers each and every reader the opportunity to discover how powerful they are and applying the techniques he describes will most definitely change their lives profoundly. Knowing Aaron and learning from him has been one of my greatest blessings and I highly recommend his books to all!

Pamela Sweda, Watercolor Artist & Instructor



Your book is great – it’s quite incredible information!! It’s very well organized and written in an easy to follow and understand format. Your book has opened some doors for me that I never knew existed.

David Fine



Victor AzarI have known Aaron for quite a while and have been present during many interesting experiences. When Aaron feels that there is something important that I need to know about, whether he knows the details of what it is or not, he definitely lets me know to pay attention.

My business is being an owner of a cafeteria company for the local power company and a local Boeing plant. I was approached with the opportunity to create a healthy meal program for a local school for young children. It would be quite a chore simply designing the menu that would fit into the mission of the program.

Aaron was about to head to Seattle for a health conference and said I should go along. I thought it would be a fun trip meeting supplement manufacturers and getting a lot of things to sample and the chance to learn at the classes going on throughout the day.

One night we stayed the night at one of Aaron’s friend’s houses. His friend’s fiancé Eleanor was there and she happened to be in the food business. She was a gourmet chef AND it turns out she has all the menus and program developed for a healthy meal program for children at a school about the size of the one I needed to design it for.

She was willing to hand everything over to me on a silver platter, which would have put me months ahead of schedule! Absolutely incredible! What are the chances of this???

I remember yelling out when driving around with Aaron, “What is going on?!” I was so dumbfounded at what a profound and specific synchronicity. Aaron kept telling me I was going to experience a serious synchronicity during the trip. And the thing is, Aaron did NOT know I was even considering the children’s healthy meal program until I started talking to Eleanor and it came up.

Unfortunately, I passed up the offer to do this program in my town so couldn’t make use of what Eleanor was willing to provide. When I turned it down, Aaron made sure to let me know what the Universe was handing me and to not ever forget it.

Needless to say, when Aaron hints or alludes to something anymore, I take action because he is always right on the money.

Victor Azar, Spokane, Washington
Peace activist that started the first peaceful business venture between Jordan and Israel



Aaron… Who are you? Where are you getting this advanced info? I want more. Is there a book or a web site that this info is being drawn from? Please stay here for a while and continue to share your information with us, or direct us to your source. Please don’t leave us hanging. Make a forum here for you to call your own, where you can share with us more of this wonderful information.




Aaron – thank you for sharing all of this. Immediately my body began vibrating in agreement with everything you posted. …I have begun to understand what you are saying through some experiences I have had the last several weeks. I was so excited as I visualized something that I felt I was leaving my body. This manifestation happened more quickly than anything else I have tried.




A great diagram — thanks so much for sharing that, would be nice to be able to hang that somewhere in the home!!! : ))

Christine Wood



I am fascinated by this and believe that this is the direction I should explore.”

Jacqueline McCulloch



“Wow! I am only on page 2 and everything so far resonates sooo with my feelings and thoughts on this. I have actually been trying to explain exactly this but lacking the words and scientific knowledge. I will get back to this after the holidays and read the many many pages but wanted to put my appreciation in here first. Love you! Really do!” – Hugs

Colleen Murphy



“I am also Happy and Grateful now that I followed my intuition… I appreciate your genius so very much but I desire to know of your humanness. You are helping so many of us. I want to know you better. It never ceases to amaze me how after reading every new posting of yours I am more Grateful than the last!!!! I always need to take deep breaths while reading your posts! …Aaron has Vibrated us up into the Stratosphere!” – Love and Gratitude

R. H.



Hello Aaron, Yeeehaaa, Hallelujah… Thank you for your efforts to enlighten us all. I am fascinated, with the knowledge that you are sharing.

Medelaine Fernandez



Aaron, I join the choir of admirers. You mentioned earlier that you were not much of a writer, I disagree. You have the ability to convey rather complex thought processes into layman’s terms. You are a wealth of info. How did you come to understand and retain such a vast amount of eclectic data?

Andy Medina



🙂 you are a legend! Maaaaaaaate, this is a fantastic thread. You da man! I’ve just spent over an hour absorbing the first few, (yeah and I skipped to the last few 🙂 pages of info and I love seeing the excitement and energy that everyone felt who was attracted to this thread. It increases with every post exponentially! Very cool in that respect alone! I’m going back to continue where I left off. Just wanted to say thank you for your light.

NZ Chris



Hi Aaron, It is such a pleasure to “listen” you. I feel like Nikola Tesla is talking through you. Tesla said that the future (21st century) belongs to him.

Mensura Altumbabic



Thanks Murakami san, For such an easy to understand answer for a nonscientific/mathematical person like myself LOL!! You are sitting there with a brain like Einstein and being kind enough to answer my inane questions……..

Jay Bee



“I am so visual…this really helped. Thanks so much!”

Jo Latino



“I will find it most difficult to stop myself from continuing to lavish upon you my sincere appreciation for the wellspring of wisdom you are so kindly bestowing to all who are following this delightful thread. You Are, indeed, a Precious Gem!” – With Love and Gratitude




“Beautifully and eloquently stated, Aaron. Simply wonderful.”

Karen G.



“Thanks, cool diagram.”

Laura Fox



“Like everyone else I am fascinated by all I have read and learnt here.”

Kanayo Okwuraiwe



“WOW, Just wanted to say … this is some spectacular stuff. Aaron, count me in on this journey. You sure have a great outlook and I am following the lead.”

Paul Sass



“Hello Aaron, Very interesting and intriguing stuff: thanks for posting all the information.”

Steve Richards


“I knew even before reading it that it was going to be very powerful and pack a great punch, which it did for me. This is awesome stuff and I hope to see results from using it myself one day soon! This is mind-blowing information you have presented here… …presentation on the subconscious mind, the brain, and all the workings of the Universal thinking stuff is just as interesting to me as the Master Key System was when I read it a while back. With lots of info on how the subconscious and conscious minds work and interrelate …Wow! I’ve never sat in class and been more dialed in, more in tune, more excited to learn!” – Jeff

The truth of it strikes me very deeply… …this is so exciting! I don’t yet fully understand it all yet but my body is buzzing, telling me how true this is. Thank you for putting all of this out here for us to drink up, it’s delicious!! I look forward to spending more time reading all of your posts (again and again)” – Amelia

“Aaron, THANK YOU!!! Your sharing is AMAZING!!! You put incredible insights and information into terms that are accessible! Absolutely LOVE what you bring!!!! Hope you are inclined to share more!!! Awesome POWER!! A friend of mine worked on the project at Stanford. …You are creating a great deal of interest…. and ELECTRICITY… ;} Your sharing is very much appreciated! Aaron…you are DELIGHTFUL!!! I am reading to catch up here… and I just keep being amazed by the clarity you are able to bring to the complex…. just LOVE the way you phrase things such as “The simple answer is probably the right one..” and your reference to the ‘innate wisdom of children’…. I’ve always said, “People who really KNOW their field, can put it terms anyone can understand.” (at least on some level….) You definitely have proven yourself to be such a one!! Aaron….you are such a GENERATOR OF LOVE!!!!!!! What Gifts you bring!!!” – Seneca S.

“Hi Aaron, You certainly are causing some electrochemical activity in my head. …I love all this, Aaron, I’m gettin’ JAZZED here! The more I can visualize a model of the mechanisms involved, the easier it is for me to get the gears turning to the max. Thank You Aaron!” – In Sincere Gratitude, David

“The bottom line is that I Get It! Please contact me with whatever your needs might be to share this information and take it to the next levels. You have pierced my density and possibly enlightened my destiny. …I really appreciate your posts, Aaron! It has been a while since I experienced the joy of actually thinking and pondering. I am very grateful to myself for having created you in my life. :-)” – Thank you! Mike

“This is really really great Aaron. I hope you are feeling really great about how many people this is helping! So many people “out there” want to see proof and they think that the only way that comes is by Science. I have one friend in particular at work who’s really became interested in LOA since he read your post, which I e-mailed to him. Ah and yes it helps me too. To just watch how magnificent these creations of yours are, I am witnessing LOA-in-action. The FUN I’m having reading all this is inexplicable! OMG… Oh me… Oh me oh my… So much to read… …Just keeping up. Guess it’s time to intend speed-reading! Thanks again Aaron! Just in case you need a reminder.. YOU ARE AN ANGEL! YOU ARE THE FLASHLIGHT THAT CUTS THROUGH THE FOG! What you are doing here… There are no words to describe how incredible this is…” – Namaste – Shane A.

Aaron, Thank you and Bless your genius! I had to read through your post a couple of times, of course (being ‘prehistoric’!) :-), but I can ‘picture’ it. I find this explanation fascinating and look forward to more!” – In Love and Appreciation, Imelda

“Yes, I am intensely interested in what Aaron is presenting. It stirs my analytical mind and soothes my emotional state. It’s organized and reasonable like A, B, C. I can’t say I understand everything being said, but I think I grok the essence and would be excitedly interested in becoming involved in whatever ways might show themselves.” – Karen G.

“Thanks so much for posting that Aaron! I was fascinated and riveted by your posts. …This has to be the most enlightening thread I’ve seen on this site and I’ve seen some great ones. Great of you to share your understanding about all this with us Aaron. Thanks! ” – Anonymous


“Hi Aaron, !!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! …I’ve just copied and printed your postings on this page to absorb, reflect & internalize. You are a fascinating person Aaron – That you have not only delved in the mechanical but the spiritual, the energy of our plane. That you have done Kundalini and talk of dipoles, so cool. We are blessed to have you share your knowledge here. I am pretty sure there are many watching and absorbing though perhaps uncomfortable with posting.” – With Gratitude, Cass G.

Thank you for sharing this. It’s possibly the most compelling thread I’ve ever seen on this forum. Your thoughts provide lucid answers to questions I was only beginning to ask, as well as some questions that I had never even thought to ask. Outstanding.” – Colonel

“Aaron! Wow, I am only at your 2nd posting in this forum and I am speechless. I am trying to absorb everything, thank you for putting the LOA into perspective, more importantly, in a perspective I can understand!” – Thank you, Kara

“…what you say is what I have learned intensely in my spiritual school…what you have been speaking about has really prompted some intense energetic fields inside me, which increases my potential… …your knowledge needs to hit the net big time. …Gosh what you are saying is so miraculous. It reminds me so much of what I learned in the ram school cause we have learned so much quantum physics the thing is I would have to charge my mind to state all that you have said into form and matter because it just hits the spot and I know I have learned all this. This is amazing that you are writing it. You have a brilliant mind!! ” – Barbara K.

“Hi Aaron, Thank you so much for your posts. I am absolutely thrilled.” – Love & Light, Pia T.

“Aaron, You are certainly causing a STIR….. sending ‘ripples of JOY’ out into the Universe….. You mention you are not ‘much of a writer’…. on the contrary …. you are gifted in your expression…. You have the basis here for a few chapters already. ;}” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much for this diagram! …Thanks again for the visual aid.” – Alina Frank

“A bell went off when Aaron was explaining affirmations a couple posts ago or how he affirms to something that Jesus said: Whatever you ask for in prayer. Believe that you have it already. And it will be yours. Thanks for affirming that Aaron, and thanks for your participation.” – Stephen R.

“I am very inspired by the people in this thread and very grateful to have your ideas brought in my life Aaron.” – Laragorn

Hi Aaron, what a great thread, what a great thinker. I particularly like your theory about gravity and the way you explain it.” – Mike

“Thank you for getting us all jazzed up!” – Steve S.



“The diagram threw me off the first time I peeked at this. It took until I saw 97 responses to think, hmmmm, just may be an interesting discussion in there. Understatement to the 10th. Aaron, it’s been said already, but add my thanks to the pile. If nothing more was to manifest from you beyond what is already here, I am & would still be abundantly grateful.” – Peggy

“Wow, this was the first thread I read, first that peaked an interest, and gee. How many of us have had an enjoyable exhilarating exhalation with the ingestion of all that wonderful bountiful fruitful freshness?! simply magnificent indeed…” – Japal Pina

“Wow, this is a fascinating thread. And what an atmosphere!” – Haksun Cha

“This thread is about LOA & Synchronicity. It was only through synchronicity that I subconsciously found this site based on a very conscious need for driving directions for my path. I was attracted to the site and want to thank the other users for their posts. You’ve all provided insights both very much needed and appreciated today.” – Samantha T.

I feel as if what I wish to communicate cannot be written. I feel very specific in regards to your posts. I am sure you understand this. You must surely comprehend the extent of this movement. The results and possibly the implications of being part of this are divinely humbling.” – Pano S.

“FANTASTIC!!! You put this into easily understandable language. WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU, SO MUCH, for your post. I know this helps me, and so many others…” – Dorothy Hanna

“I just stumbled onto all this and am thrilled. …Despite having only read some of this I can “feel” how wonderful and very important it is! Many thanks to Aaron for starting us out with all of this and to all who have been participating in the conversation and knowledge gaining process!” –Karissa

“Aaron, This is easily the most intriguing, informative thread I have read.” – Seven X

“Thank you. I’ve never seen that diagram and greatly appreciate it.” – Kate L.

“Hello Aaron, and all the readers of your posts, just a grateful acknowledgement….I too have enjoyed your posts and have been reading them daily with delight since I first joined…,I appreciate your ‘way’….dig your styles .. explanations….. aloha!“ – Hiram Wolfe

“Hi Aaron! I’ll begin with a sincere appreciation for your work. …Somehow, LOA perhaps, it seems that my interest has been captured by your thoughts and words, which I have found quite compelling, and I am only on PAGE TWO and I cannot help but wonder how long this wonderful interruption will be. Anyway, I am getting a major charge out of your writings and wish to thank you for sharing your life with all of us. GREAT STUFF!!!” – With gratitude, Dean

“Wow, what a phenomenal experience reading this thread has been! Thank you Aaron for your contribution here.” – Steve O.

Aaron does have a way of putting things that in the past may have been beyond comprehension in terms that are accessible…. it’s quite a gift!” – Kevin Pirolo, Inventor of the Pre-Paid Phone Card