Ignition Secrets

Having been a “car freak” most of my life, I can’t tell you how excited I was when first learning about a revolutionary ignition method that was light years beyond anything else. Over the course of my investigation, I wound up inventing the world’s most efficient method that creates this type of ignition. It is a special plasma that can ignite a fuel mixture in an engine much leaner that is normally thought possible and can even ignite water on contact.

There are many types of ignition systems but for the most part, no matter how much hype these performance ignition companies give to their spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coils or ignition modules, they are all basically nothing more than a glorified common spark ignition, period.

Look at this comparison between a normal spark ignition, one that uses peaking capacitors, and one that uses a capacitive discharge ignition (CDI). Each is better than the one before, but they are still nothing more than a stronger conventional spark.

As you can see, the standard Kettering Spark Ignition can be as low as 0.01% efficient in converting power to a spark at the gap, which runs almost every gasoline powered engine in the world.
Peaking Capacitors are MASSIVELY more efficient at converting the standard spark ignition power to a spark – upwards to 50% efficient! Notice that is 50% and NOT one-hundredths of one percent. That is quite a difference, but is all the hype justified?
Capacitive Discharge Ignition systems have a separate power supply and are the prime choice for serious results. The dense blue ball at the gap is substantially more powerful than the peaking cap but it is hard to tell from the picture.

The only real significant development of an ignition system that was truly something different, profound even, was originally known as Plasma Jet Ignition.  It is actually not a spark at all, but a high speed impulse of plasma that is like a little bright ball of sunshine at the gap of a spark plug.

Here is what my method accomplishes and keep this firmly in mind – you see that Capacitive Discharge Ignition spark in the picture above? Well, my ignition below uses the EXACT SAME amount of potential energy in the same capacitor to create something that is truly many quantum leaps above :

MURAKAMI IGNITION method uses the SAME amount of power as the CDI system but is so much brighter and more powerful that it is beyond words. It isn’t even a spark or an enhanced spark – it is in a category all by itself – it is a bright white ball of wonder!

Watch this short video demo of all four methods:

Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami
Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami

The concept is very simple and I lay it all out in my book and video package called Ignition Secrets. It walks you through the method step by step and shows you how to take virtually any off the shelf CDI and do my famous little modification to it, which allows you to transform it into the mighty powerful Plasma Ignition system!

Normally, 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel or 14.7:1 AFR (air fuel ratio) is thought to be ideal and all the so-called experts are so quick to make it a point to tell you that you can’t run an engine leaner than that without doing damage. Well, the fact is that you can and they are clueless of the fact that when they tell you this, it is a half truth unbeknownst to them.

14.7:1 is only idea with a conventional spark ignition, period. It isn’t even debatable and it’s irrelevant how many letters are behind their name or what kind of parchment paper their certificates are printed on. They learned a load of controlled disinformation in school and I give you all the references necessary to completely dismantle their flawed arguments point by point.

First of all, let me be up front with you. I didn’t invent this type of plasma ignition; I simply invented the world’s most simple and elegant way to produce it. NASA, Princeton, almost every auto manufacturer and some spark plug companies all own patents for plasma ignition systems, but wait…. when have they ever bothered to tell you they’ve been sitting on this for decades? Never!

All they do is quietly sit on it and they keep re-patenting different variations of the same antiquated method of producing the plasma and my method comes along and basically obsoletes all of their patents in one fell swoop so the auto companies are not fans of mine.

First of all, an engine runs best with ultra lean mixtures of 20:1 and above. This is where the thermal efficiency of the engine is highest. But it takes the plasma ignition to do properly ignite these mixtures below their normal flammability limit. And even with lean mixtures like these, the engine actually runs cooler by about 100 degrees F, which is quite the opposite of what the “experts” will tell you.

The plasma is such a fast and ferocious blast that it can leave the spark plug and penetrate a lean mixture burning it very effectively. And you know what? A regular spark will get snuffed out by too much compressed air. But, with the plasma, the more air you cram on it, the bigger it grows!

Learn more about the Plasma Ignition method here: Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami