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Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas Jan 2014

The Affiliate Summit West is a remarkable conference that is really a huge production with thousands of people coming from all over the world – this year it was at the Paris casino in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in affiliate programs, it is THE conference to go to whether you’re a publisher, affiliate or just want to explore your options.

Clickbank was there, which is the premier digital publishing affiliate network where Peter Lindemann and I publish our books and videos through with A & P Electronic Media.

I choose to drive down because it gave me a chance to stop by Eric Dollard’s lab on the way and Las Vegas wasn’t too far from there.

One tip if you happen to have a convention at the Paris and you want to save some serious money – get a room at Bally’s next door for 1/3 the price. My room at Bally’s was closer to the convention in Paris that many people’s rooms who were actually staying in the Paris! There is walkway directly from Bally’s to the Paris convention area.

Got to see Flava Flav, Too Short and B-Real from Cyprus Hill at a private party for some of us at the Affiliate Summit West convention. It got to be way to loud so an old friend, Paul Prater that I’ve known for years and his sister and friend – we all just went and sat out on the casino floor in the Paris.

We were out until the sun was coming up almost and that was a big mistake – I don’t smoke cigarettes and there was a lot of smoke in the room – so much that I could hardly swallow the next morning when I woke up. I probably inhaled half a pack just from the second hand smoke alone during that time. So if you don’t smoke, go sit down in a restaurant or outside.

Anyway, it’s always a fun time in Vegas!