Time Travel Meditation

This is a meditation concept that I developed to literally increase the frequency and magnitude of the synchronicity in our lives. The past history exists in the collective as does the future possibility no matter the probability.

By creating a stronger continuity between the past, present and future in our subconscious mind, we will start to be in the right place at the right time in order to experience a stronger occurrence of synchronicities. This is how we get in the flow on demand.


Achieves 3 basic concepts:

  1. Increasing awareness of present moment
  2. Sending information to our past self
  3. Receiving information from our future self


  1. After waking up, meditate with focused concentration on you receiving information about the daily events from your future self later that same night that happens to be meditating on sending information about the day to you at that very moment. Also, receiving info from yourself though the day as events happen.
  1. Throughout the day, practice being very aware of what is happening in every moment. Notice the flow of events, the synchronicities, the heightened awareness you have of everything and notice all the magical moments. As each beneficial moment happens, intend for the info of the event to be sent to yourself in the morning.
  1. Before bedtime, write down 5 things that happened during the day that would be helpful to know that very morning before they happened. Be very descriptive when writing them down and use emotion, visualization, sounds, colors, feelings and other senses as you write them.
  1. Relax and meditate right before bed for a few minutes on sending these 5 things to yourself that very morning as you woke up to meditate on receiving these instructions. Also use emotion, visualization, sounds, colors, feelings and other senses as you intend for this information to be sent back to yourself that morning.

Practice this daily. You will know when you need to start sending info back the day before, week before, month before, etc… Going through the motions of the above for 30, 60, or 90 days straight will rapidly boost the synchronicities if your own life.

Copyright 2009 – Aaron Murakami – All Rights Reserved