Murakami’s Model of Synchronicity

About 20 years ago, I experienced one synchronicity after another nonstop all day long and it lasted for many weeks. Needless to say, it was a wake up call and this kind of experience is considered Siddhi Consciousness where it is the full beingness of the God presence. Everything was literally manifesting in live streaming time as each need was met the instant that it was needed. Basically, it was the experience of Heaven on Earth.

Being obsessed with the synchronicities, it was my full intention to develop a model of synchronicity. Roughly twelve-years later, an entire diagram and concept popped into my mind all at once and it was clear as day.

I wrote it down and at this time, the documentary called The Secret was very popular and the official forum for that movie was called Powerful Intentions. I joined that forum and posted it and in about one week, the discussion I started about this synchronicity diagram had over 40,000 views and it rose to the top of the forum as the #1 thread.

Here is the original explanation and diagram, which became the most copied diagram in the whole “Law of Attraction” world at the time:

Murakami’s Model of Synchronicity

Synchronicity has been a fascination of mine for many years. It is just one of those things that sticks in the mind as being something that is just too weird to just be some chance occurrence. Sometimes synchronistic events are just written of as coincidence but personally, I believe a great majority of people believe there is something else at play.

The purpose of this brief paper is to explain in simple terms not only the effects but a simple explanation of the mechanics of what is really behind the fascinating occurrences of synchronicity.

The below diagram is a simple model of synchronicity that shows the actual mechanism is.

Murakami's Model of Synchronicity diagram
Aaron Murakami’s Model of Synchronicity

The “Law of Attraction” or LOA works by the concept that whatever we think in our minds will be projected into the universe and the universe will cause those thoughts to attract like events, people, object and anything else that is similar back towards the person thinking the thoughts.

So, what is really happening?

The model as described in the illustration above is based on a conscious thinking mind, a subconscious mind and the collective unconscious mind.

The conscious thinking mind is the thinking thing that we use to actively think thoughts.

The subconscious mind is an automatic mind that takes input and automatically does thinking on its own in order to make reason out of the input data. It is also the go-between for the conscious and unconscious minds.

The collective unconscious mind is the infinite mind that contains all information in the past, present and future everywhere.

There are four people in the diagram listed as person A, B, C, & D. The C person isn’t listed as C but is the person at the top of the diagram. These thinking minds are represented by the circles closest to the middle.

The semi-circles are the subconscious minds and the outer circle is the collective mind, which is known by many names. The dotted line on the outside indicates there is no border to its reach.

If person A has a desire X, which represents a person to attract, an incident, customers for a certain product or anything else, their thinking mind is obviously aware of it. For this example, let us say that the desire is a specific car they are looking for; A 1990 Honda Accord 5 speed with 100,000 miles or less for $1000 or less. The color blue is a plus.

The subconscious mind takes this desire X and “plants” it into the collective unconsciousness. X not only represents the overall desire but every detail attached to the desire.

The subconscious mind of every single human is actively scanning the collective unconsciousness or the matrix for anything that it resonates with.

Person C happens to have a 1990 Honda Accord and it is a 5 speed. It has about 110,000 miles and is $950 and it is dark blue. Person C’s subconscious mind locks onto desire X from person A. Person A and person C’s subconscious mind’s are locked onto each other. Now what about the synchronicities?

The subconscious minds of A and C will INFLUENCE their conscious thinking minds to do whatever necessary to have them gravitate towards each other. C’s mind knows that person A is in resonance with their desire to sell the car. A’s mind knows that person C has the optimum match for their desire to buy a car.

Person A is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and go to grocery store 123 to look at the bulletin board. There are many stores they will go checking at but at a particular time and location is where they just happened to “choose” to go to.

Person C is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and drive to grocery store 123 to post a flyer about their car for sale. There are other stores that C will go to but at a particular time and location at this store is where they just happened to “choose” to go to.

A and C walks in and goes to the bulletin board at the same time. Person A is scanning the flyers. Person C posts their flyer. Person A sees this and is amazed at what a profound synchronicity. The exact car with the exact details and price and everything else are on that exact flyer. They shake hands and make a deal and go home smiling at such a wonderful experience.

Person C’s subconscious mind INFLUENCED their conscious mind to choose what they chose to make it happen and so did person A’s subconscious mind.

It is important to realize that each person is sending this signal into the collective at a certain strength. Just thinking it is maybe a strength of 10 for example. If they apply “Law of Attraction” principles such as Think & Grow Rich or The Secret Movie principles, it may be a strength of 25. If they really, really get into cranking up strong emotions, meditations, and so on, it may be 50. The stronger this signal strength, the more effective the effort will be at having other subconscious minds in the collective lock on to your desires to attract them or events to you. The stronger the signal, the stronger the ability to manifest with your mind. Some tools may even boost this strength up to 100 or more. These numbers are just as an example and do not reflect actual power indicators but the concept only.

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